Mission and Values


Sound City Church lives to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help people FIND and FOLLOW Jesus.


PEOPLE. We value building authentic relationships with people. Jesus devoted his life to helping, loving and reaching people. In following the way of Jesus we welcome, accept, invite, live with and among everyone, no matter their background, race, political party, shape, size, dress or any other idea that might put a dividing wall between two people.  God’s design and plan for our lives happens best when this way of living takes place.


SCRIPTURE. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word given directly to us.   It is inspired by God and was recorded by men.  We believe that the original manuscripts are without error and absolutely trustworthy.  God’s Word is not just a check box on a list of daily “to-do’s” for Christians:  it is essential for daily living.  We value reading, learning, and memorizing these words so we can have them on our hearts and minds as we enter in and out of relationships with people.

FAMILY. Family is important and should be of the highest priority. Outside of our relationship with God, our relationship with family is crucial. The role of a husband to his wife, a wife to her husband, parents to children, and children to parents are painted all through the Bible. We believe that we are to help others understand that a family learning, giving, and being together has a huge advantage in discovering the life God designed for each of its members.



COMMUNITY. Life is not meant to be lived alone.  In fact, it’s impossible to find fulfillment in life with the absence of meaningful relationships.  We believe that it is essential that we share our lives with others as we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.   We will strive for community based on authentic relationships that are focused on sharing the good news of Jesus with our neighborhoods and our city.

REST AND SIMPLICITY. We believe God is in control.  Most people go from week to week, frantically wearing themselves out from trying to do too much.  We believe we should work hard and yet recognize that rest does not equal laziness.  Our value is to teach people to step back, rethink their calendar, and schedule times of rest.  When we do that, we’re recognizing that God is in control of our life.

We also believe that simple is better.  The world is already full of difficult and complex decisions that must be made.  We believe that taking a simpler approach to life will enable us to discover God’s best plan for our lives.

PLAY AND RECREATION. Each of us has unique interests and passions that allow us to enjoy the world around us.  It is vital that we enjoy these moments to find balance in life for our own health and vitality.